Maths tutor for Secondary Level to JC level

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    Hi all, I am a full time tutor that have been teaching Mathematics for 6 years.

    Well experienced in syllabus and I had helped countless of students to improve and score well for their examinations and their major international exams.

    Feel free to contact me at 92287331 for more informations or you can visit my site at

    Do take a look at what other students said about my teaching in my website.

    Thanks for your attention! have a nice day!

    PS : we had experienced science tutor as well... call to enquire
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    Direct tutor. Experienced.

    Call to enquiry in further details.
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    Call to enquiry!

    If your kid is taking A Maths next year, do not hesitate to start tuition before 2017 comes. It's always best to learn ahead to give your child a good head start,

    so that he/she can adapt and adjust, preparing for O levels in 2 years' time.
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    Come and take a look at what students had to say about my teaching. =)

    As the year 2016 is approaching to an end soon, get started with A Maths if your child is taking next year. It is better to had a head start for this subject so that your child will not feel daunted when the new year starts.

    Cheers! Please do not hesitate to email me at for more enquires.
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    We are located near to Ang Mo Kio MRT (3 mins walk). Our students have fared well in their 2016 examinations. One of our Sec 2 Normal Academic student (St Margaret Secondary) has been promoted to take Sec 3 'O' level (Express) Mathematics. Another one of our sec 1 student (Zhong hua Secondary) has been promoted from Normal Academic stream to Express stream. Do consider us if your child needs help. :)

    If you need more information, please visit our website at or Thanks! :)

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