Matrimonial Flat after Divorce


Alpha Male
Hi all. I have lost my divorce case few months ago along with my care and control for my 2 children.

Under the court order, my ex-spouse are given the first option to take over within first month, and I am given second option within the next one month if she did not exercise her option. When i tried to exercise my rights, the HDB officer in charge told me that I require my ex-spouse's consent before i can take over. However, my ex-spouse tricked me with empty promise and in the end she wrote in to HDB to against me from taking over.

Finally i decided to contest her to get court to overwrite and grant me to take over the flat. I asked a few lawyers, either they don't want to take up my case claiming i have no chance to win, or they are charging me sky-high legal fee. I do not have any saving after i fought my divorce case, and i have to gave her a large amount of alimony.

I need your help to recommend me a good lawyer who will really helps, at the same time can negotiate to pay legal fee in installment. Thanks for reading.