My 9mths old daughter only wants her milk


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My daughter wil only eat a few scoops of porridge/potato/fruits.. No other solid food tat she wil eat til she's full.. She wil stil want to drink her milk at e end of her meal.. Is there sum ways tat I can get her to eat those solid foods?? Any gd recipe for me to cook for my baby?


you have a fussy eater.. my gal is also like that.. think she only started eating a meal of solids at 12 months old..

got to first figure out if she is particular about taste or texture? my gal is particular about texture, got to be smooth enough then she will for veg I will have to blend it and she will be ok.. she also does not like too much fibre strands in her porridge.. plus got to distract her with toys.. in order to make her eat..


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A baby may seem picky for different reasons or no reason at all. It could be that he has an immature digestive system, which will surely cure itself with time. Or he might be teething, have food allergy, an infection or just may not be ready for solid foods yet. However, these signals don't necessarily mean that your toddler is picky. The signs can also be because your little one is simply distracted, full or not feeling well. You can read more tips here.