Need advice: SAHM or return to work

Discussion in 'Mummy Cafe' started by Additional Blessing, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. Additional Blessing

    Additional Blessing New Member

    Im a first-time mother - I desperately need advice from other mothers about their decision to be a working or SAHM.

    My situation is quite unlike others - I resigned from my previous job as a manager to switch professional field only to discover within the same month that I was pregnant with our first child.
    Initially, I was delighted and knew instantly that looking for a new job with a growing belly was out of the question. I also know that most companies would rather not hire preggies....? Anyway, throughout my pregnancy, I stayed at home and work part-time (1 - 2 hours) private teaching. As of today, I am at home 100%....private teaching didn't last long because I was asked to stop teaching in my third trimester. This means that I have zero income. :(

    Now that our baby is confinement period is over....and our baby is 4 months old....somehow I feel quite depress and lonely....for some reason, I even feel like as if my husband has taken me for granted....he's also complaining that he's tired and ask that we cut our expenses....which I thought we already did....

    as the days go by, I feel more tired - I don't even feel like me anymore when I look into the I lost my identity....and worse, I'm all alone taking care of our baby - my parents-in-law are actively working and due to some family matters, I don't trust my parents to be primary caregiver for our baby...when my husband and I go out with the baby....and I see young parents with domestic helper or their parents helping them....can't help but wish I have that kinda help and guidance....sigh, and recently I checked that infant care is expensive and need to be on the waiting list?? Only working mothers have $600 subsidy? Is it? Gosh! It just gets difficult!

    Just wondering....if any mothers out there have any advises for me? Should I update my CV and just look for a job, study a course....or continue to be a SAHM? Then what about breastfeeding? Do companies allow me to pump (store breastmilk in the fridge)? Or should I look for infant care now without wasting time? I'm so new at's making me depress and hopeless.

    Pls don't get me wrong - I love my baby v much and i love being his mother...but just feel like something is missing...don't know what....
  2. shelle86

    shelle86 Member

    Hi additional blessing,

    I would suggest you to stay home to be a SAHM. It is always nice to be able to see your child growing up especially going through different milestones and stages. In the meantime, you can also find flexible part time jobs to work from home. For instance, data entry, online business, or doing freelance translator. Perhaps you can go online to search for freelance jobs.

    The reasons why i suggest not to go back to work is because

    1. you will miss your baby very much
    2. you will not be able to bond much with him
    3. most companies wouldn't allow you to breastfeed and work. it's really challenging to manage that.

    Btw, how old are you? kindly message me if you need any help.

  3. Dorothy Williams

    Dorothy Williams New Member

    you can actually do both, work while at home. there is a website i am hearing about that hires freelancers, every heard of it?
  4. HcookEvangelist

    HcookEvangelist New Member

    Just asking, can you cook? If so, you can actually do both, as mentioned by @dorothy williams. Upwork is good for technical/designing jobs etc, but if you can cook, hcook will be a really good platform for you to earn while at home too! its an app, you can check it out in your appstore /google play store!

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