Need info about divorce mediation


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Hi, I am mother of two boys. Staying in Singapore from 5 years. And now going through divorce.
I hired a lawyer here and he is not responding me about my case. And not answering my calls. just says that your case is in good hands. And few days before he got reply rom my husband's lawyer, and he didnt tell me, Two days before he called me and said we will go for mediation. I have lots of questions about the procedure but he is not replying my email or phone also. I have to provide him statements regarding our maintaince. And i dont have any idea what kind of expences. Is ther is any sample that i can provide him regarding our maintaince. And all the lawyers are like that or should i change the lawyer? Any good recomandation?



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Hi hi! Can I have contact for your lawyer as I'm looking for a reliable one to file for divorce?


My advice is.. Change another lawyer.
Either this lawyer have too many cases on hand (but still shouldn't handle your case like that), or simply 'bo chap'.