Need Tuition for your children?

Lynn Chen

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I am a tuition coordinator that matches your children to the most suitable tutor within your budget, at no cost.

Available tutors from Ex-Moe teacher, current Moe teacher and Undergraduate.
Reasonable Tuition fee.
Pls pm me for details :)
If you're looking for Chinese tuition I would recommend LeXue Education, as The Founder, Ms. Vivien Le was a former teacher in Catholic High School with more than 22 years of experience in teaching and preparing pupils for the O Level Chinese Language Examination.

Her unique 3R Method specialized in helping students build a strong foundation in Chinese, improve their grades, and even develop a strong interest in the Chinese Language.

The 3R Method has helped numerous students from school such as Nanyang, Aitong, ACSI, RGPS, Peichun, Rosyth, Nanhua, CHIJ achieve stellar results in Chinese.

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