Part-time Stay-at-home-mom wanted


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Calling all Stay-at-home mom! We are looking for a part-time Content Curator at PACE. Attractive and flexible commitment awaits!

You will be responsible for developing content for the latest learning solution, working closely with our team of Learning & Development Consultants in the exciting field of Organisation Development. Passionate about bringing the latest best practices and learning programmes developed by PACE to benefit leaders and their organisations, the Content Curator will be a key driver within a team to develop and innovate meaningful content for our OD Solutions. The Content Curator is responsible for:
  • Develop and innovate OD Solutions
  • Provide the management with insights into the latest OD trends and the implication for actions
  • Expand PACE’s Library of OD resources that are suitable for OD solutions innovation.
  • All other research related activities that will help in the advancement of PACE OD solutions and OD Expertise in the marketplace.
  • Design OD programs in consultation with Management Team to expand PACE OD offerings
We are looking for someone who is:
  • Educated. You possess a minimum A-level certificate or equivalent and are preferably an undergraduate.
  • Computer and App Nerd. You are computer (MacBook) and mobile app literate.
If interested, do email us at, with subject title 'Part-time Content Curator', with attached CV.

We look forward to working with you all soon!