PEH vs KKH. Help!


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Hi mommies & mommies to be,

I'm a first time mom, 9 weeks pregnant. EDD is 8 October.

I have been seeing Dr Natalie Chua at Parkway East and so far I love her. However, I am worried about the bill size during delivery. My husband and I are considering switching to KKH and taking Dr. Suzanna.

In both hospitals, I intend to stay in the 4-bedded ward. If possible, I am opting for a normal delivery w/o epi. But I can never expect what's gonna happen right? :p I don't want to end up in debt after the delivery as I feel the money should go towards the growth of my child.

Has anyone delivered under either of these gynaes before? Do you mind sharing your bill size. I am keen to find out Dr Suzanna's delivery fee. I hope you can help. Thank you in advance! :)


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Hi Mummy - I am having the same question, any reviews about KKH hospital , and doctors . it is true that for complicated cases your are referred to KKH , beside they also have a private clinic suite for patients who opt for the same gyna throughout delivery and prenatal , hence I am considering KKH .any reviews , experiences will help us to decide on the hospital and gyn . tia


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Hi mommies, I delivered at Kandang Kerbau Hospital under Dr Varsha. Before that, my 1[SUP]st[/SUP] boy was delivered by Dr Wee. Both gynaes are very good. Dr Wee left for private practise already; hence I was introduced to Dr Varsha. Kandang Kerbau Hospital have the Private Suite, whereby you will be attended by your chosen gynae throughout. The bill size is very similar compared to private hospitals (I took 1 bedder). There were no packages at Kandang Kerbau Hospital, and visits were billed by per visit basis. Service-wise, the nurses at Private Suite are very professional and friendly. Ambience is very hotel-like too... If you intend to signup for the hospital tour, please make a tour to Private Suite, it doesn’t look like a hospital.