Pelvic pains


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Hello all,

I'm currently 33w+1d and so far been experiencing really intensive pains in my pelvic area, especially so when I walk, sleep(turn) or anything requires movement. It feels like my bones done there are going to break, felt and heard the crackling sounds countless of times.. :( The pain is getting worse by the day and no one seems to believe me and thinks that I am exaggerating. Any advise?
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I started with backache and then some amount of pelvic pain when walking. But still tolerable. Will not notice the pain when shopping. Did u ask your gynae?


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Hi Brot.. It's only normal. I had the same pains too and it's worse in the last 2 weeks of pregnancy for me. This happens because our muscles are relaxing and pelvis is making way for baby as he/she descends closer to birth. Don't worry. what helped me to ease the pain (not significantly though) is doing the yoga Cat-Cow pose slowly a few times before I go to bed. I'm no yoga practitioner btw.. Another way to have lots of cushions when you sit and pillow in between your legs & back when you sleep. Whatever you do keep your posture upright and do things slowly.. Just a few more weeks to go!


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No worry, it is quite natural. I can't walk much especially the last 2 weeks.
Maybe shopping might distract away the pain, but once sit down sure super pain.
Especially when shopping, tends to get carried away. Rem to sit down often especially every 45-60mins.


Very normal especially if it is not your first baby. During my second pregnancy it was excruciating just to get out of bed. Hang in there!