Phelgm and nasal congestion after eating yogurt

Discussion in 'General Parenting Discussion' started by snowbear, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. snowbear

    snowbear Well-Known Member

    My dd is 2 years old and I've noticed that she always has phelgm and nasal congestion (has to breathe through mouth) after eating yogurt. I've been giving her yogurt on and off and monitoring her reaction and it seems that at 2yo, there's still not much improvement. As an infant, for the few times that I gave formula milk, she also couldn't keep any fm down and was always phelgmy and threw up all the fm after the feed. I'm not sure why she reacts this way to dairy.

    I'm wondering if anyone else faces this problem as well? I'd very much like her to continue taking yogurt since she hates cheese but it seems that her body is rejecting it.

    She's still latching on for breastmilk regularly throughout the day and I've no idea how much she drinks. She takes broccoli regularly and spinach once in a while, depending on her mood. I'm just concerned about her calcium intake and wondering if I need to start her on any calcium supplements.

    Any advice?

  2. MomoMummy

    MomoMummy Member

    i feed my daughter yogurt too.. and she got terrible cough and flu now! is yogurt the cause? omg.. i tht yogurt is good.

    the doc said dun give biscuits cause it is v heaty.

    guess i shud stop giving her already... seeing her this way coughing badly seriously pains my heart.
  3. Mummy to Baby V

    Mummy to Baby V Well-Known Member

    Hi snowbear, your daughter's symptoms seem like a cow's milk allergy. Have you brought it up to her paed for advice?

    If she has a true allergy, then consider eliminating dairy from her diet and your diet (since you are breastfeeding her). She can get calcium from a variety of food sources such as green leafy vegetables and soy. For some useful links, refer to my article at Which Milk is Better? (Part 1) | Amercian Academy of Pediatricians is a good reference source.

    My breastfed son has soy allergy, so we eliminated soy from our diet. Since then, his persistent eczema rash has stayed away. I'd let him try soy again when he is older to see if he outgrows it.

    I think if she is breastfeeding on demand, eating varied meals, and thriving, she should be well nourished. If she is to be weaned off breastmilk and cannot take regular or formula milk, then do consider a multi-vitamin. This is advised by my nurse and we are following her advice since weaning started 2 months ago.

    Hope the above is helpful to you. :)
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  4. snowbear

    snowbear Well-Known Member

    Yes, I read your article earlier :) Very informative.

    She takes a little fresh milk from me sometimes in the morning when we have breakfast cereal together but it's really quite little. So far I didn't observe any symptoms after that so I didn't really think it was a milk allergy. But it seems that it always happens for yogurt and it will take a few days to clear up... :(

    Btw, my dd was also allergic to soy when she was younger and she broke out in rashes even at 15mths. I re-introduced it to her at 18mths and she outgrew that allergy :)
  5. snowbear

    snowbear Well-Known Member

    I don't think yogurt causes flu but it could worsen phelgm if your dd already has that or if like what MieVee suggested about my dd, have a milk allergy. :)
  6. Mummy to Baby V

    Mummy to Baby V Well-Known Member

    What yoghurt has she tried and reacted to? Could it be some additives in it?

    I make plain organic yoghurt using Easiyo Yoghurt Maker, very simple and no additives. My boy loves it. Perhaps you can try a bit of that to check for reactions. Or try buying plain organic yoghurt.

    Glad that she outgrew soy allergy. Hope my boy will outgrows that too.
  7. snowbear

    snowbear Well-Known Member

    She has taken Fernleaf and Petit Miam.

    She doesn't like the taste of plain yogurt. She's not a big fan of yogurt anyway so I'm actually thankful she's agreed to take all that she has done so far. Definitely won't be investing in a yogurt maker until she shows signs of really liking it :)
  8. Mummy to Baby V

    Mummy to Baby V Well-Known Member

    Oic... I prefer to get plain yoghurt and add fruits in, for more controlled sugar level.

    We need a yoghurt maker since both of us gulp down 1 litre of fresh milk or yoghurt everyday! :)

    Give plain organic yoghurt (+ fruits) a try since her reaction could be due to an additive.
  9. snowbear

    snowbear Well-Known Member

    tried adding fruits in last time but she still din like so I stopped trying... :)

    That's a lot of milk/yogurt you drink/eat every day! lol.
  10. Mummy to Baby V

    Mummy to Baby V Well-Known Member

    I also let my boy eat yoghurt with his thick oat cereal. Yoghurt is very versatile, can be used as spread for sandwich or to make smoothie too. :)

    500ml for each of us, so 1litre a day. :)

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