Piano Teacher for ABRSM Grading Examinations/Leisure


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To all parents who are seeking for a piano teacher

I'm Miss Lim, a qualified certified Dip-ABRSM Piano Teacher who has been teaching for the past 6 years.
This was where I first started with my journey as a piano teacher, parents who came to me were all from this forum.
So I would like to come back to where it all began for me and hereby, open up the available slots.

Most students under my coaching have either gotten a Merit/Distinction - that being said, it's varies according to how much work/effort
is put into practice from all 3 corners (students/parents/teacher)

However, grading results aside, I'm happier to say that all students under my care have grown to love music, to look forward to music lessons
because I believe ultimately, to appreciate & love music is the ultimate goal.
And when appreciation for music grows, it makes them all the more interested in learning more to be able to play songs that they love to.
My lessons are always a fair balance between maintaining a disciplined routine to build a strong solid foundation & fun catchy tunes.

So if you're looking for either grading examinations/leisure lessons for your children so that they would grow up to learn more on appreciation
for music, please feel free to reach out to me at the following.

Please feel free to reach out to me in the following email/website:

- Webpage: https://www.facebook.com/OliviaLimYP
- Email: OliviaL.Piano@gmail.com

Cheers & happy playing everyone!


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I am a piano teacher with teaching experience of 10 years, qualified with ABRSM Grade 8 in Theory and DipABRSM in Teaching. I have taught students ranging from kids aged 4 to retiree past 60. 100% pass rate for both theory and practical exams. I travel to learners’ place at west, north and central area.

You may direct enquiries to my inbox leongpypiano@gmail.com


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A classically trained pianist and educator based in Singapore, currently qualified with DipABRSM in Teaching and Grade 8 in Music Theory. Having worked with students of all ages and levels for 10 years, Poh Ying is particularly adept at handling children and young students of different personalities and characters. As a travelling music teacher, Poh Ying provides the full convenience of teaching students in the comfort of their homes.

Read more here at pypianolessons.com.sg


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Hi everyone!
I am launching Piano Circuit Breaker Online Holiday Programme for Beginners.

Commencement Date: 1st May - 31st May 2020
Promotion: $80 for 4 online lessons

I have been teaching private piano since 2013 and I have Distinction for LTCL in Piano Performance.
Visit thypiano.com for more information

For more information and enquiries, contact me at:
WhatsApp: +65 9442 2555 (No calls, text only)
Email: enquiries@thypiano.com