Polish food


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Do you know traditional Polish Food like Pierogi? It's dumplings with meat or mushrooms for example. It's very delicious dish.


As strange as it may sound, but mushrooms help people. I can assert this because I have experienced this effect myself.


I like traditional Polish dishes such as bigos, galantine (meat jelly), and pork knuckle. I rarely cook them, but I make meat jelly from tofu https://www.amazon.com.au/TofuBud-Tofu-Press-Presser-Drainer/dp/B086Q4TRG8. It comes out not as greasy and very tasty. If you add more water, the jelly is more tender, but it is worth adding gelatin to make the dish boiling and tasty. You can experiment with ordinary pork, but you need to choose the right meat to make it juicy and not dry
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