Questions on Music Education answered by veteran piano teacher


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Dear Mummies,

I am a lady teacher with almost 20 years of experience in teaching children and adults aged from 4 to 40. A graduate from the Queensland Conservatory of Music, Griffith University, i handle both Piano and Theory with the ABRSM or Trinity syllabus from grade 1 to 8 and diploma, as well as pop piano for leisure learners. If you have questions regarding learning difficulties, lack of interest, technical issues, practice schedules, feel free to shoot.

I also play the violin (although i am not teaching this instrument) and I also do piano accompaniment.
Great track record and results. I am also very proficient at teaching grade 6 to 8 theory, which a lot of teachers have encountered difficulties in and a few students have achieved a scholarship from ABRSM for their distinction achievement at these grades.

You can also text me your questions and I will try my best to help. I am based in Siglap, East Coast, Marine Parade, Bedok areas. If you need a teacher or piano accompanist for your children's instrumental exams, I am available at 98426924.

Glynis Tan