reductil,reduce 15mg ,duromine , panbesy ?


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slimming go go go !!

Hi all,I am here to share my slimming pills experience . I had tried many types of slimming pills and it doesn't help much , I taken duromine for 3 months and not much changes until someone recommended me a slimming pill named xxx. she guaranteed that I will lose 5-9kg in a month ,so I do not mind giving it a try since I really wanted to shed off some fats ..this pills pro is it Block & burn your fats , then Beginning break your fats At a Maximum speed and burn And intermediate block it.
Currently After a month I had loss 6kg and now on my 2nd month pills ... I heard many places are selling fake pills for this brand!!beware as fake pills can cause death or even other side effects that can't be seen .

anyone keen to shed some fats before new year may pm for further details where to get the authentic pills for this with no side effects like duromine ..


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hi , i had pm you the person contact. maybe you can contact them directly. if you taken duromine before the price is almost the same .


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Hey ladies,
I've been taking Meridia for off and on for two years now and I have to say I'm very pleased. Even though it is pricey it works! As for side effects, nothing severe to the point where I would want to stop taking Meridia. Just got some more pills from Hope to see same results :)