Relaxing in nature


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Mother nature, one of the best places to relax and unwind in. Singapore has so few really green spaces. When i go overseas, one of the best places i find that calms and relaxes the mind is a space surrounded in lush greenery, but when im in Singapore, one of the green spaces i love, is the golf course. Although a largely man made green space it still produces the same calming effect. No noise of motor traffic, breathing in the fresh air, being in a state of zen. An oasis in the city.

That, is how i got interested to start my golf journey, also a happy place. If you are of the same mind, but don't already know how to play golf, get in touch, we'll help you get started!
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Destination to relax in nature: New zealand tops my list.
In Singapore I also love going to Serangoon island, kusu island, and even pulau ubin. Crazy to think that after years living in singapore I only got the chance (and motivation) to explore those places last year!