Residential Water & Health Project


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Dear all, ever wondered what's in your daily drinking water? Have a look, just 3 weeks and the outcome!

How much do you know about your water? It contains:
1. Chlorine
2. Rust
3. Acid

Hydroflux is proud to present the Residential Water & Health Project! Package deal includes a FREE system & FREE installation to allow all households have a chance to obtain our alkaline water filtration system! The only cost involved is the maintenance of the filter at a VERY LOW rate!

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Our Residential Water & Health Project Participants! Used in many clinics & Hospitals such as Gleneagles Hospital!

✓Boiling of water no longer required
✓Alkaline & Anti-Oxidant Water
✓Remove rust, chlorine, bacteria and even free radicals
✓No funny taste

Call 96225835 (Zen) now for a free non-obligation water demo at your place today!! No gimmicks!

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