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Discussion in 'Singapore Obstetricians and Gynaecologists' started by bobviolet, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. bobviolet

    bobviolet New Member

    Hi I'm considering to give birth in either Mount Alvernia Hospital or Thomson Medical? Have anyone of you got any recent experiences at these 2 hospitals?
    What is the hospital bill size for 4 bedder? im a first time mummy and hope to be well taken of during my stay. Thanks.
  2. Mommysarah

    Mommysarah New Member

    I just had my baby boy at Thomson Medical Center on 28 march. Stayed in 2-bedded but paid for 4-bedded rate. Thomson Medical Center is usually very busy. Though my experience was generally pleasant, I wish they can have more staff so my bed sheet could be changed earlier and the toilet be cleaned earlier. I had cesarean and stayed only 2 days. Baby too. So my bill was about $5.6k. Paid $2.1k cash.
    You can check the average bill size on their website.
  3. Ninasky

    Ninasky Member

    Congrats and do your research well. Anyway, both places have limited parking so beware when driving. For Thomson you can park across the street (big HDB car park). Mt alvernia is under renovations so also limited parking.
  4. june83

    june83 Member

    $2.1k cash after medisave for 4 bedded? hmm.. seems like quite expensive. I have book TMC, but feel like changing to MT A. Now I see the price, i think will change back to MT A.
  5. bobviolet

    bobviolet New Member

    Hi Mummysarah
    Congrats on your little one! Does 5.6k include doctor's fee, pediatrician and anesthetist? The medisave claimable was $3950?
  6. Mommysarah

    Mommysarah New Member

    Hi bobviolet, thanks. Yup all inclusive. Claimed $3.5k for delivery and $450 for pre-natal package.
  7. spyvonne

    spyvonne Member

    hi mummies,

    I was told c-sect during delivery whole process + surgeon fees can cost more than 10k. Im worried abt the costs at tmc. The counter staff and my gynae also says this amount. however, i read online seems like many only paid less than 10k including ur gynae fees for delivery by c-sect.

    Hence, im not sure to go sgh or remain at TMC. anyone has recent experiences?
  8. CYin

    CYin New Member

    Hi!! Think we are in the same Oct 2013 thread. I'm with TMC too cos my gynae only delivers there. Just found out the TMC and gynae charges yesterday.. hubby and i went @.@~~~.. it's so expensive, almost 10k before medisave deductions. But If switching hospital, I would need to switch gynae as well... so duno how...
  9. katherinetsl

    katherinetsl New Member

    Hi girls, any reviews on Dr Adelina? Went to see her last year May to do my fertility checkup, find that she's 'normal' but her charges are quite expensive. I managed to get pregnant (I'm married for 7years already..) while seeing a post on my facebook to make a 补药 to drink...drank 4 times and I tested positive with my home test kit yesterday. Last menses was on 05/06/13, I called Dr Adelina just now and her nurse told me that it's too early to see her, said that see her now also can't see anything...told me to go on 22/07/13 instead... They dont't have packages and the delivery cost itself is about $1800-3000...this is only the delivery charge, $2100 claimable by it expensive? Do I have to see a GP to confirm my pregnancy first? Am very confused at this stage...sigh..
  10. noridaharon

    noridaharon New Member

    Hi Katherinetse, can i check what did u drink in Eng pls. Cuz i'm currently ttc-ing. =) tia!

    Anyone recently seeing Dr Sim Lee Ngor? Qhat are her charges for consultations/packages and ure hospital bill for natural delivery?
  11. Mrs LazyBonez

    Mrs LazyBonez New Member

    Hi, I delivered at Thomson Medical few months ago. Had c-sect with epidural (LA), and stayed at single bed ward. We paid 3K cash deposit upon admission and about $700+ cash upon discharge. We have paid $1.5k deposit to my gynae upon confirming the delivery date. Generally, the stay was quite pleasant and most of the staffs were very helpful and friendly. I have read mix reviews on Thomson Medical Center. But because my gynae now only delivers at Thomson Medical Center, so I had no choice and could only pray hard that I would not encounter any bad experience.

    Hi noridaharon, Dr Sim LN was my gynae and delivered our boy. I can't remember how much was her first consultation. She charged $750 for the pre-natal package. Compared to my friends, Dr Sim's charges are quite average. Hope the info helps.

  12. CySnowboard

    CySnowboard New Member

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