Shaving baby's hair at first month?


Traditionally, I know that some mothers shave their newborn's hair at first month as the hair is deemed unclean. Did any of you follow this tradition?

If yes, where did you bring your baby to shave his/her hair? Will normal barber know how to do this?


my ger shaved after her 1 mth celebration. we also brought her to normal barber, we gv him a 4 dollars red packet after that beside the usual fee.

Mummy to Baby V

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We didn't shave our boy as he had very nice hair and ever side-burn!
A friend shaved her boy's nice hair and it grew back in odd patches.
Another friend let barber shave his boy's hair and his neck had rashes with pus due to unhygienic equipment.
I won't let anyone shave my baby next time since the risk of infection is there. Bought a Combi baby scissors to cut my boy's hair myself. Hygienic and nice too. :)


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get a malay barber to do it. they are quite experienced in this and babies below the age of 3 months is usually easy to shave cos they too young to understand wats going on so they wont make a fuss. but u need to be prepared to have plenty of hair all over babie's face and body
We didnt shave the boys hair on their 1st month, coz hubby and MIL thinks baby neck very fragile and shd not take the risk....... so just snip a little bit on the side just for symbolic purpose only.


I shave my kids at e 1st month. Normal salon will know wat to do. I give hongbao and e fees.


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My CL shaved my gal's hair when she was 1 mth old cos she had very very thin hair. Mommy said that after shaving, the hair will grow back thick and black. Not true, my gal's hair grew back in patches and to date, still thin and brownish black.

Didn't shave at all for my son. Hair is as thin.

Phoebii Cheng

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I shaved my boys hair when he is abt 3mths old.....cos wanted hair to grow longer, but in the end had to shave off at 3mths cos' he had rashes on his head

But yeah I agree with camom, tht my son's hair did not grow thicker and blacker after many times of shaving......


ah, thanks for all the quick replies! shall go and think about it! was quite stunned to know some of your baby got rashes after the hair cut! that's the problem with some barber, they din sterilize the tools after cutting
i didn't shave my girl and do not intend to. She is already 4mths old :), i intend to let her baby hair drop and new hair to grow naturally. Can't bear to see her botak :p


i didn't shave my baby son's head cause i am paranoid about hair shaver going so close to his soft skull head, what if he get hurt by accident then i will have regrets all of my life.. my dad also agree with me but my mom-in-law has different view, she insisted to have his hair shaved off, but i just turn a deaf ear on her.. hehehe :p


I shave my baby hair when she turn 1 month old, we brought her to the barber.. Now she's turning one, we just bring her to the barber if her hair grows. :)