She does not mind living uncomfortably in backpacker hostel until she can find a place of her own....

First apply for a Build-To-Order (BTO) flat, then have a wedding three to four years later.

Such is the plan - one might even call it a template - for so many young Singaporean couples that the pragmatism has passed into urban legend here.

But in a time of Covid-19, the "BTO first, marriage later" path in life has come under strain.

In the August sales exercise of these flats, which are available to Singaporeans who do not own any other property, the expected completion date of some BTO projects was pushed back to four to five years, instead of the usual three to four.

For content creator Charlotte Wang, 27, and her boyfriend of two years, Mr Matthew Lee, the longer wait for a BTO flat means they would have to either live with their parents or rent a flat - neither of which appeals to them.

On top of that, Ms Wang quit her role at a marketing agency at the beginning of the year to take a two-month break, which then turned into a period of extended unemployment when she could not find a new job.

Mr Lee, also 27, who works as a financial consultant, saw his income dip as well.

The couple are now forsaking their BTO plans and thinking of buying a resale flat next year.

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