Sick, can still have jab


my girl was down with slight fever yesterday and coughing from time to time. she is schedule for injection tomorrow, i called up the clinic and nurse say that if no fever today then its ok to jab tomorrow. I told MIL that doctor said ok, worst case we bring her there and if doc say better not to inject then we'll postphone. MIL however insist that once baby got fever its best not to let her have injection (will be very hard to take care and tough on baby too).

should i go ahead with the jab or listen to my MIL?

any views on this???

Phoebii Cheng

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I think better wait till ur bb is fully recovered, no cough or flu and most importantly no fever, then bring her for the jab

Cos my PD also said tht


yeah.. agree with Phoebii... better wait for your baby to be fully recovered from cough, flu and fever :wong19:


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actually, i think let your bb fully recover first will be better.
with cough/flu also not allowed to take jab.
u shld heed your MIL advice n postpone the jab a few days later/maybe one week later.
doesnt make a huge difference.


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the thing about vaccines is that they actually contain weakened strains of the actual virus they are supposed to immunize against. The body will fight against these weakened viruses and produce antibodies. But because these are still viruses, and sometimes we still fall sick.

If your bb is not feeling well, he/she may have a stronger reaction to the vaccines as compared to a healthy baby.


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yup must wait for baby to recover first.Coz some jabs cause fevers.If ur baby already has a fever..dr wont know if its due to the jab or other causes.Best to wait for baby to recover completely.


hi reverestsg mummy,

MUST wait for fever down den can take jab..

didnt want to scare u but my in laws side (hubby cousin) died last year cause the father didnt tell the doctor that her daughter got fever and went ahead with the jab.. she passed away.. everyone till now keep blaming the father is the cause of her death..

feed her panadol syrup instead n see how she is.?
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i think better wait for ur baby to recover. ds was ill quite a few times last time and his injections has been postpon for 1mth, 1mth+.. it is okay to postpone the jab, most imptly is to make sure ur baby is well =)