Skybridge at Pinnacle@Duxton opens for non-residents... but pay $5!

Daddy D

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"SINGAPORE: The Skybridge at the Pinnacle@Duxton offers a commanding view of the city.

Residents are definitely enjoying what they paid for, but from Friday onwards, non-residents can enjoy the view too for a price.

Non-residents can access the Skybridge, which straddles the 50th floor of the buildings, by paying S$5 per person.

As of 5pm on Friday, 26 people had taken up the offer, soaking in the panoramic view of the area."

They must be kidding... pay $$... got simi view to see... buildings/roads/sea... bo ho seh...


hey i've been up there...

nope i didn't pay $$$ my friend brought me up...he's bought a unit there...

well i must say...really quite good up there wor....the view...breathtaking wor...

but come to think of it....must pay $$$ to go up...not really worth it right...


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wahhh, its very expensive there..
hahah, told bf next time we shall move there, cos near my parents place.