Social Media Manager (work from home) and Sales & Marketing Executive


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Hi all, we are currently looking to fill these positions.

Social Media Manager (work from home)

Job description:
1. Manage social media platforms - Facebook & Instagram
2. Handle online research and surveys for marketing campaigns

- Love being on social media
- Marketing educated / trained
- Health conscious

Sales & Marketing Executive (full time / part time)

Job description:
1. Conduct market research on consumer behavior and brainstorm new marketing initiatives
2. Work as a team to execute our social media marketing campaign.
3. Assist in the setup of engagement activities – road-shows and events, and fulfill sales responsibilities
4. Engage people to introduce our product and build awareness of our brand

- Self-motivated and outspoken individuals who are passionate in engaging people
- Able to speak English and Chinese
- Sales experience a plus
- Only Singaporean or Singapore PR

If you're interested, pls PM me or write in to