Stay at home work can really earn money in Singapore


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Hi I'm a stay at home mom and looking for a home base work to have some extra income to help my husband for our expenses. Can you let me know what are the various types of work your offering for a stay at home mom like me. Thanks


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I am also a SAHM and have been making just around $200-300 a month but looking to add to the revenue stream.
Please PM me .
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Everyone is welcomed!

No sign up required, just click link to start choosing the temp jobs of your choice. Up to $25/hr

It will take you to our job site, where you will be hired to do some tasks, different in type and number, and you will be paid too!

QUOTE="Awps, post: 907305, member: 61743"]I am looking for stay at home job that can let me earn some money to help to support the family. I try doing survey, but cannot earn anything. I don't like telemarketing and recruitment job too (but I tried it before). Anyone of you have some job can recommend like data entry, online posting, run errand, packing at home... these kind of job? Thanks.[/QUOTE]