Sunat, female circumcision - but they dr cut too much, llabia is cut and dangling


Hi Mummies,

Went to a Muslim female dr, recommended by uncle yesterday.
This morning, still some blood seen. Then, I noticed that there was something dangling...
t my horror, seems like that the labia was cut on the top and it's blue black.

Went back to dr, wantd to know what's wrg.
she did not see baby yet, but was holding a container with scissors, I said, ur not cutting my girl again.
then, when she saw the cut, she kept saying that its the labia.
I insisted that the cut was not meant to be there, the circumcision was completed as the top was removed.
She must have cut too much. My eldest girl circumcision was ok (another dr).

She was not apologetic but kept saying baby will recover, I got pissed off. I asked whether this is the way it's meant to be. She started talking abt circumcision in Egypt- who cares what's done elsewhere ! She made me mor e angry.
I kept asking is it meant to be like this. She claim the labia might reattach, or drop off. Uh?

I looked mor confused and was so sad... Then, before I got out the door, she admitted she might have cut too much and apologized. I'm still sad....
Anyone with similar experience? What happens to ur girl?


Babe ifah..u might want to bring dotter to doc?just in case dear..she might say its fine bt better to check so it'll put u at ease?n maybe u could claim from her..hope dotter's fine.. Xoxo