Swimming lesson for toddles and children

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    [you]Certification of Aero Yeo
    1. Under-going Austswim instructor course for toddlers, children and adults.
    2. Lifesaving 1, 2 and 3.
    3. CPF, AED and first aid trained and certify on CPR and AED.
    4. Joey Lingo trained
    5. Certify swim school instructor for YMCA Metropolitan, Raffles Institution and Anglo Chinese School for toddlers and children.
    [you]About Aero Yeo[/you]
    Being an assistance swimming instructor since 1989 at the age of 16 at YMCA and Chinese swimming Club Singapore. He is an ex-SASA(Singapore Armature Swimming Association) swimmer and water-polo player since at the age of 14 and 15 respectively. Aero was chosen by the national coach to be a state youth water-polo player at the age of 15 and further became one of the youngest national water-polo Team-B player in the following year when the age of 16. He was also the first batch of Singapore Monofin(Mermaid swim) swimmer who represented Singapore for the Asia Monofin swimming competition in 1990.
    He serve his national service in the Navy and was representing SAFRA as a water-polo player.
    Due to his off-shore work, he been working on and off Singapore as a swimming instructor for YMCA, ACS and RI school for Swim Fast who founder was David Lim(ex-Singapore back-stroke medalist)
    Aero expertise is handling children who is hyper-active and children with water phobia.
    He believe to makes his student Loves to swim and not just Learn to swim.
    He also taught children during his offshore days in Vietnam and Saudi Arabia swimming during his off days.

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