Taking Premature Babies Home


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A common thing that parents of premature babies are not aware of: Did you know that babies in their infancy often stop breathing for periods at a time?

Most babies will start breathing again after 5 seconds so its okay but some continue to go on un-breathing. This has cause quite a number of infant deaths and is especially more dangerous for premature babies.

As a mother myself i was very worried when i learned of this, so after a bit of researching i found this product, It's a baby mat that helps monitor our baby's breath movements in real time. It even comes with a parent unit that will alarm us about change in breath counts and such. Here's the website for more information : Baby Breath Monitor - iBabyGuard Infant Smart Mat

I was really impressed and it really helped after my baby was discharged from the hospital, thus i thought i'd share this with all other parents. Please take note of this and don't take risks with your baby!


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Thank You for this information. One of my cousin's baby born in 30 weeks. She is planning to come back home with her baby after 5 days. I am going to show her this information. Baby Bottle
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Hi mummies,

I have excess ebm to give away to premature babies..
My boy is now 4 months old...

Let me know if you're interested...