[The Food Dossier] Ah Ma Chi Mian

An unambiguous paean to somebody's beloved grandmother, Ah Ma Chi Mian (阿嬤吃麵) or AMCM - one of two relatively incipient brands subsumed under Tian Tian Holdings Pte Ltd (the other being Tian Tian Chi Mian) verily strives to evoke yesteryear through a select coterie of traditional noodle dishes vended. As such, you get Teochew-style fishball, meatball, damned-if-we-know-ball noodles, and so on and so forth.

Established since March 2020, Ah Ma Chi Mian operates multiple stalls around Singapore; additionally its first ever hash house in Bukit Panjang Plaza was inaugurated on 24 June. Fyi we made our pit stop at the Parkway Parade outlet.

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