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I have been wanting to pick up some basic cooking skills. I think I have time issues even with cutting the onions, garlic and peeling those potatoes.

Whenever I went to the supermarket, I felt lost cause not sure what ingredients I want to buy even. all the time I can only think of is just stir fry chicken.

what simple dishes can I start first to cook a simple lunch for work and dinner


If you want simple recipe, I always feel that baking chicken is the easiest. Most difficult part is to think what marinade you want to add! The rest is just throw the whole baking tray into the oven and set it at about 180 degree. Bake until it's brown. And that's your simple hassle free main course :)

There are a few nice marinade sauce I like:

Heinz BBQ sauce, Nandos Sweet Chilli (or which ever spicy level you like - buy the bottled sauce from Nandos restaurant) , or the Korean BBQ sauce from NTUC.

Otherwise, just marinade with good quality light soya sauce, some of your favourite spices and when it's almost done, add honey and glaze it.


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Fried vege is also simple.
Vege + cook with oyster sauce or
Vege + cook woth salt and sugar .

Then close e lid, stir once a while. Rough soften then can Serve