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    We are looking for babies to participate in a trial for the amazing Love To Swaddle UP!

    This is a trial that is especially for babies here in Singapore and feedback will be given back to Australia.

    We are looking for babies that fit the following criteria:

    Baby should be currently swaddled and the below weight/ age:
    - 3 babies that are 3 – 4 kilos approx 1 months old
    - 2 babies that are 5 - 6 kilos approx 5 months old
    - 4 babies that are 8 kilos approx 6 months old
    - 2 babies that are 9 kilos approx 6 months old

    You will be sent a swaddle made out of our new bamboo fabric. You will be required to trial the swaddle on your baby for 2 weeks. At the end of the 2 weeks, you will need to fill out a simple questionnaire on the swaddle.

    If it is going well, you can then trial the product our for another 4 weeks and then complete another questionnaire.

    At the completion of the trial (2 weeks or 6 weeks), you will receive a FREE Love To Swaddle UP of your choice for your baby!!!!
    Please provide respond below if you would like to participate and help this great brand to get even better!!!!!

    We are looking to start this trial as soon as possible.

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