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    Hi mummies,

    If you are looking for home based job with flexibility, this job will suit you! Basically you just have to find student and link them up with tutor. Every successful transaction will give you 50% commission in the first month and there is recurring income for subsequent month. You will have access to free online past year paper and a database with tutors who are moe teachers/part-time/full-time home tutor. There is a maintance fee of $99 per month if you sign up for 2 years. Earn 20% commission when you refer a friend in too. If interested, please feel free to WA/msg WENDY at 83383986. Sharing is caring~ Thank you.

    Hope this post benefit SHM. Cheers :)
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    Free online past year paper when you sign up and you can use for all of your kids with just one login! Good things not to be missed! Sharing is caring :)

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