Unauthorised commercial advertising

The ‘Want To Sell’ category is strictly allotted for members who offer products and services that cannot be affiliated with any businesses also known as personal sales. Before allowing any product/service listing, the MummySG admin team will first scan and assess whether it is for commercial or for personal use. Threads and users who do not comply with MummySG’s forum rules will be deleted and banned without prior notice.

As a reminder to everyone, please take note that our rules and regulations do not allow any unauthorised commercial advertising in our forum, unless they are paying site sponsors, who we need to protect in line with the support they are giving to MummySG.

This is also important to protect our forum members from illegal vendors, unfriendly competition and scammers. Unauthorised commercial advertising cannot be verified as reputable and might pose a threat to the safety of the members of this community as rouge sellers who take money but do not deliver the items or intentionally trick interested parties.

In case you find a suspicious commercial posting or any spam links, please do not hesitate to report this post so we can take it down accordingly. You can also send an email to sarah.carpio@mummysg.com to report such threads.

Thank you very much for your support!