Want to give birth to a healthy and beautiful baby?

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    Good day to all mum-to-be,

    It's all mummies' dream to give birth to a healthy and beautiful baby. But mummies need to be healthy and strong first.

    So why not invest in our own health and improve our immune system first? Health is wealth, agree?

    Indeed, there are so many kinds of health supplement products in market for our choice. But not all are suitable for mum-to-be as they may cause abnormalities to our baby or danger our health.

    Here I would like to recommend nutritional immunology (营养免疫学) to you to improve your health. The series of products cater needs to all age groups; from babies to young children to older generations. From skin care, hair care, body care to health care; from head to toes; from inner to outer.

    As we all are aware that so many kind of cancer viruses have been floating around us. Hospitals have been increasing to cater the needs of sick.

    Asked ourself this question; do we prefer to spend our hard-earned money on doctors or spend on our own health? 现在不养生,以后养医生。

    As all mothers are the SUN (太阳) of the family, we really need to stay healthy before we can take care of our children. I'm a mother of 4 teenage children. I need to work and take care of my children. So I can't afford to break down. I need to stay healthy so I'm prepared to invest in my health.

    This post is not selling any products to you. This is just a sharing with all mummies the importance of health. 健康就是财富。

    If you are keen to know more about nutritional immunology, you are welcome to email me @ ngjoycex@hotmail.com or drop me a text or whatsapp to 9029-9871.

    Always stay healthy & beautiful, mummies ! :001_302:

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