Webflow Pages Wordpress Plugin Redirection with WPML plugin


Hello everyone,
I want to use the Webflow Pages Wordpress Plugin to keep my blog on wordpress and get beautiful landing pages with Webflow.
My problem is about the redirection behavior.
For example we use the slug
“/fr/test” to target one webflow page “webflow_page_1”
“/test” to target the page “webflow_page_2”
Both slugs redirect to webflow_page_2
I suspect that the problem come from the WPML plugin we use.
The slug /fr/ is manage by WPML for all french pages
I suspect WPML redirect the slug /fr/test to the page destination of /test
How can we avoid that?
Can we bypass the WPML redirection behaviors?


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Hello. Back in 2020, I was trying to make my WordPress blog site part of my new site on another domain. I wasn't able to find WordPress API keys, but I have to say, I was limited on time. I struck a deal with https://prosvit.design/wordpress-services/plugin-development/, who specialize in WooCommerce plugins and migrating existing sites to the WordPress platform. I was pleased with their work and still use their services to keep my site up to date.
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Reaching out to the support teams of both plugins could provide further assistance and guidance tailored to your specific setup and requirements. They may be able to offer insights into known conflicts or provide recommendations for resolving the issue.


Navigating the integration between the Webflow Pages WordPress Plugin and WPML plugin can indeed be a bit challenging, especially when it comes to managing redirections effectively. It seems like the conflict you're encountering with the slugs "/fr/test" and "/test" could be related to how WPML handles language-specific URLs.
To troubleshoot this issue, start by reviewing the settings of both plugins to ensure they are configured correctly and not conflicting with each other.
You can also explore helpful resources on website management and plugin integration at https://www.frogstonemedia.com/. Cheers!