What is Online Work From Home??


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Hi everyone, I saw a lot of people here are very confusing about work from home or online biz so I decided to share some of my personal experience about work from home online in Singapore.(Hope you all don't mind) I started to bounce into online marketing 2 years ago (2012) and one of my friend invited me to a seminar at city hall area & that my 1st time hear of internet marketing. Guess what after the 2 hours seminar I decided to give a try to this internet marketing course & it cost me 2k++...for 3 day workshop. Unfortunately after the 3 day workshop I wasn't able to make any money from it(whatever they teach) & I decided to search for alot of internet marketing courses in Singapore because I believe in investing myself. Well due to the never die attitude I had spend more than 10k++ into those online courses in Singapore...still it doesn't workout for me. Indeed one of the seminar company that I invested had already closed down in Singapore & lucky that I never invested in the so called special program (up-sell courses) cost 8.8k. After having so many personal bad experience on those courses I told myself that I have to stop spending money into those courses out there yet I still believe in online marketing so I start doing my own research online...start connecting to some internet marketer in U.S. & finally I was so glad & lucky that I met my 1st mentor in Facebook & his teach me alot of powerful online marketing skills that without asking me to pay him a single cent!!! The best part of it is all those internet marketing skills that his share with me is Free Traffic Method which mean I don't pay for ads. So I started making money using online marketing skills & until this year 2014 April I had met "our" grandmaster mentor & start learning more stuff regards about online marketing & of course those skills help me to boosted up my business more^^ FYI if those of you still very confuse what is online biz, how it work, what is traffic...I would like to share with you this video on explaining what is - Online Work from home business in Singapore. (Noted this video is not done by me but my friend). Hope you enjoy it & welcome to share your personal experience here as well.