When do you start brushing with finger brush or toothbrush?


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I started to brush DS using pigeons toothbrush & 1st teeth toothpaste when he has got abt 4 teeths..

Whenever i brush my teeth in the morning, i will pass him the brush & he will move around the brush..

Now he has got 12 teeths..


i just use a pc of cloth to clean my DS's teeth since he got his first tooth till now...recently try to use toothbrush with toothgel on it,but he dun like it...he already got a number of teeth...:eek:


i use the finger brush wen tooth grows out and start using the baby toothbrush wen most teeth come out liao


My gal is 15 months old, she will put finger in her mouth to tell want to brush teeth when i bath her. I start her in a few months back, i use the finger brush with 1st Baby toothpaste to brush her teeth then let her bite. Then pass her the pigeon step 1 toothbrush to move around her mouth while I wash her hair. She will pass me back the toothbrush once she is done.


I cloth wipe the gum since infant.. Finger brush once has teeth.. Train them toothbrush when they were 18mo.. :tlaugh:
I only start brushing my son's teeth when he is like 3 yrs old =X

very late i know..

now he knws hw to brush his teeth on his own, so i just have to stand beside him to guide him.


my gal just will not let me help/guide her ot brush her teeth, she prefer to take her toothbrush and bite it..haiz....


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I started to wipe their gums and tongue with a thin hanky since they were born during bath times.

They only had teeth when they were 11 months. (late teethers like me and hubby). I did the same with their teeth to finger brush them.

Then went on to get them toothbrushes when they were 18mths.