Where did you buy your SKII Products

Discussion in 'Skin Care Beauty' started by pumpkin101, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. pumpkin101

    pumpkin101 Member

    Hi all...

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this. I was looking out for beauty and health in this forum but I couldn't see any.

    Recently I have decide to change my skincare products to SKII. I bought some from Tangs and recently, I came across this website that offers real great deal in SKII products.

    I just want to know if anyone has bought anything from this website.
    SK-II : BestBuy World!, bbworld, Cosmetics, Fragrances, Bags, Skincare

    The price is really attractive which is 25% lower than retail! and under their F&Q, they seem legit and geniune. But somehow I just want to make sure their product are not inferior.

    I would appreciate any feedback/comments if anyone out there has purchase anything from this site.

    many thanks
  2. applebreeze

    applebreeze Member

    Hi Pumpkin,

    I bought bottles of SK2 essence water from this webby u listed here. And also bought other supplements there b4. So far the supplemets which i'm taking now is working wonders for me but not the SK2 essence water, unfortunately. I dunno if their product is of fake products or my skin is not suitable for it at all cos i had breakouts as soon as i started using them. Hope this info helps. Btw Mummysg has a thread for skincare.
    Skin Care Beauty
  3. pumpkin101

    pumpkin101 Member

    Hey there!
    Thanks for your reply...
    Have you stop using the ess water? Did you ask the sale person why it causes breakout on your skin? I did ask the sale person about the breakout. I told her I have heard feedbacks on using ess water and resulted in breakout etc. She did explained to me but I forgot what she said, hee... I haven't use mine yet but I have use the skin refining cream for the past few days. The cream does feel fine and nice on the skin. Unlike those french products I have been using.
  4. hakisumi

    hakisumi Member

    hi there..
    i heard abt sk2 user having breakout..i think reason is bcos its kinda of too strong/ rich for their skin..or simplified is not suitable.. ahahaa..

    as for the best buy webby... i did bought a bag from them.. as for their product i believe its real ,just tat its in smaller size /sample sizes..

    another cheaper place other than getting it at the boutique will be those shops at tpy (pink beauty, venus, etc) they also carry these boutique facial care.. slightly cheaper than counters, but you cant claim points
  5. pink_daisy

    pink_daisy Member

    just sharing --> ive been using SKII for 2-3yrs..recently just switched to artistry.. i find that SKII seem to have 'lose its effect' on me.. i don get any breakouts when using their essence water. at first, skin did improved abit but now i find my skin abit dull. i find that the eye cream doesnt give me a satisfactory result..i got all my products from robinson SKII counter. i ever saw those toiletries/ beauty shops selling SKII products but not sure where they come from or if they r fake ones..mayb they r parallel imports?
  6. rains

    rains Member

    i've been using SKII for about 4yrs now... usually i do my stock up at the airport, but i did buy the sunblock once from the website mentioned above (due to urgency) :D

    works fine, just like the ones i got from airport and delivery is prompt.
  7. applebreeze

    applebreeze Member

    Hey Kams,

    May i know how do you know that the products they sell there are authentic?
  8. Michelleccn

    Michelleccn New Member

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  9. atance

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  10. zoe.tay

    zoe.tay New Member

    Buy from Japan, it is cheap!
  11. collagenL0ver

    collagenL0ver New Member

    Buying from Japan is it gonna get anywhere cheaper? Have to pay for the shipping cost to bring the product over. Hmm, unless we can bring them in quantity?
  12. Mof2kk

    Mof2kk Member

    Our Singapore Airport is a good place to buy such skin care products /cosmetics/fragrances. They're definitely cheaper than counter, and now no GST (even for arrival). They're cheaper than many airports. Even Channel perfume they're cheaper than in France! I'm yet to compare their Shiseido products as I heard HK got the cheapest.

    Sometimes I also buy from those boutique shops like Beauty Language etc where you can find in malls.
  13. shilla0914

    shilla0914 New Member

    Sorry to revive this old thread, but does anyone have any other good recommendations to buy SK-II products in Singapore?

    Changi airport is definitely out of the question for me, abit too far. Saw this blogpost (https://xiaomei.com.sg/buy-sk-ii-products-in-singapore/) which gave some ideas, but I wanna know if there're any cheaper or more convenient places. Thanks!
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  14. shilla0914

    shilla0914 New Member

  15. XiaoDingDang

    XiaoDingDang New Member

    Nvr heard of xiaomei be4.. will go check it out. But I get my fte frm https://www.viimart.com/ at about $150 and so far it works well in lightening my acne scars

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