Where to buy spices cheap?


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Hi all mothers/forum members,

Like all of you, I like to cook. I mainly like eating western food so I use spices like paprika, granulated garlic (powder type), mixed pepper, coarse black pepper corn, cayenne pepper etc etc. All the frequently used spices to cook western food.

Usually, I will buy from NTUC/cold storage where they sell McCormick small spice bottles imported from USA. They are quite expensive for a small bottle so I'm thinking if there is any where else that sells these spices cheaply in SG. Any idea anyone?

I will appreciate any comments/suggestions.



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This is a good place to start:

Cheap Organic Spices Singapore

I bought a 470g packet of whole cloves for about US$15.

To put that into perspective, a bottle of McCormick whole cloves is about S$15 for 20g (or thereabouts)

Used them for making pomanders. I have so much leftover now I've no idea what to do with them lol.

Pomanders also needed ground nutmeg, ginger and cloves. Bought Simply Organic from the same site...for about half the price of Cold Storage incl delivery

As for the whole cloves, I got Frontier Naturals. They also got large packs for many other spices if you need them en masse.
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you can check this place out !

Anthony The Spice Maker
Blk 335 smith street #b1-169 Chinatown complex, 050335

i believe they'll have majority of the things youre looking for at a relatively cheap price!