Where to get red velvet cake?


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hey,i just tried her red velvet yesterday. really good. my husband loves fresh fruits so i asked her to add on, she only charged me $8 & gave me lots blueberries, strawberries..Yum! I will order from her again next month for my daughter's birthday. My sis.wanted her red velvet as her wedding cake after having it at my hubby's party.... ;)
i think her red velvet cake's really good. not too dense,not too soft. cream cheese frosting is of good quality. can taste its aromatic cocoa flavour. she said she uses vanhouten cocoa, my grandma's favourite cocoa powder. can try, worth paying lor..


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my friend passed me this site 25grams
she ordered velvet cupcakes and a choc banana birthday cake the other day for our party and they were really good. cupcakes were moist and cream cheese was not too sweet.
the bakers' pretty friendly too. she emailed us back really quickly =)


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I learnt about this kind of cake from TV and cook books, and am curious to try but dont't seem to see them in local cake shops. Anyone come across red velvet cakes in Singapore?
Hello! Cedele has the yummiest Red Velvet Cake. Please try.


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haha! i never knew how good a red velvet cupcake taste like till i tried Les Cupcakes red velvet cupcakes. so soft,moist & creamy lemony cream cheese frosting. check facebook annie deanna goh..co owner is a chinese muslim..


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