Which formula milk & sippy cup is best for 6month old?


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I am so confused as I can see so many formula milk brands in super market:embarrassed: that which one is best for my baby, can anyone share there experience with formula milk which one they find out best....?.?????
:wong19: As my boy totally refuse to drink milk with bottle, which will be the best time to introduce sippy cup?

thanks :)
Well, I don't know which one is best formula milk but when my son was born the hospital fed him mamex gold so I just continue giving him that milk. When my son reached 6 month I use follow-up formula mamil gold. My baby was born small at 2.39kg only at 34 weeks, now he's 6.5month weighing abt 8.5kg. Healthy, happy & active boy.. I think every formula is good & made to meet baby necessity, it depends on the individual on the brands they want to use..