Which foundation brand can make you looks fairer & more radiant?


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You must chose the colour near to your face colour, beige normally looks radiant because it is slightly pinkish in colour. Nude and ivory is for fairer people. You also can mixed the foundation as to get the balance. So when the colour do not match and you have bought it do not throw, can try it now. When buying foundation try testing it on your neck or the inner side of your arm.


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I have been sourcing for one that suits my skin tone for donkey years but so far I never stick to one brand because I can't find an ideal one.

Very disheartened to go cosmetic counters because either they are not sure which one matches my face or they don't bother to find. Just ask me what i want.

I used Kose before and yes they were good. But it's been a decade I used theirs and I bought one to try again. But hor, I feel the old ones are better.


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Never try Kose before. but feel generally, Japan products are more suitable for Asian skin.


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FACEatelier.com - has the best foundation - it stays on in this weather, coverage is excellent and you can have it delivered from Australia. There is silicone in it so it has brilliant blendability and it is not cakey.

To die for skin. I'm a make up artist who specializes in beauty - trust me :)



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I found alr.

Vichy LF.

I went to do manicure & the lady there kept asking what foundation i used on my face, saying my face is very pretty & flawless :D


Vichy LF really good? i wanted to try LF now because i sweat alot everytime i step out of my house. my make up abit patchy, thanks to sweat. very noob wor. only use PF for long time.


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I think there's a few foundations I really like and I got a lot of compliments when I wore it.

lancome foundation , powder & liquid
cosme decorte, powder & liquid
kose, powder
I using artistry Youth Effect powder. its cream based yet not oily at all. I dont feel anything on my face after I apply. my skin appears smoother and baby like skin. and my face is more radiant too.


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I am now using innisfree ampoule intense cushion. Been using for almost a year. It gives a dewy radiance look. :wong19: