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Prices are fixed and is for self collection only.

Similac 1 900g $55
Similac 2 1.8kg $93
Gain iq 1.8kg $72
Gain kid 1.8kg $65

Total comfort series for Abbott also available. Isomil too.

Enfa 1 1.8kg $100
Enfa2 1.8kg $92
Enfa 3 1.8kg $74
Enfa 4 1.8kg $67

Friso 1 900g $47
Friso 2 1.8kg $75
Friso 3 1:8kg $65
Friso 4 1.8kg $55

Pediasure vanilla 1.6kg $72.5
Pediasure sachets strawberry , choco, vanilla $2 each

Mamil milk available too!

All sg stock (same as ntuc)

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Collection venue:
1. Bl 47 Ayer Rajah Crescent

2. Blk 606 clementi west st 1

3. Blk 54 Toh Tuck (Signature Park Condo)

4. Blk 7223 Jurong West Ave 5 (weekends only)

5. Blk 124 Jurong east st 13 (Ivory Heights) (weekends only)


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I also had the same issue with my DD. She's been constipated since last 2 weeks already. Not to mention her stomach starts to harden a lot this few days.. Isit possible to be the milk formula prob?? Im using friso baby formula now, anyone can recommend me some formula that can prevent constipation for children?


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Hi maryjanewong, constipation issue has already became a common issues for children. Usually I will feed my son to eat more vege and fruits because it is good for health and digestive system. I also bring him to have a walk after eating because movements helps a lot for digestion. I think you can try the way I said because they are the common formulas to prevent constipation.


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I have been using all sorts of remedies not working at all, nevermind. At the end, My kids are in the hospital. My advise is better to seek for a proper way to prevent constipation.


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Hi MaryJaneWong, I would suggest you to switch your current milk formula to Mamil. Previously my son faced constipation, my colleague recommended Mamil and asked me to try with it. It is really works and I can see my son go for toilet within few days. As what I know, Mamil contains no sucrose but has the highest level of DHA so it is suitable for every kids. The ingredient in Mamil is pre-biotic which is able to prevent constipation.


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Indeed most mother sure will face such prob one... Like me i also faced similar prob with my LO until my SIL friends recommend me to Mamil and ever since switching, My LO nvr face such prob anymore.. The stools are pretty healthy compared to last time..


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I would actually recommend friso baby formula, bcos my wife and i felt that friso is less heaty compared to Mamil la which is a good thing but also slightly sweeter as compared to Mamil.. for my case, my DD nvr get constipated using friso la..