Which insurance plan is better..? Any suggestion..?


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Hi , I am looking for an insurance plan for my son which can cover doctor visit fees +medicine bills ...can anyone please suggest with there experience that which plan is better for all this...
Thanks in advance for ur time :)
Hi Natashasingh,

Most insurers here do not cover for individual GP visits but if yourself or your hubby's company has group insurance, then they MAY be able to include your son. Do note that some companies may choose to cover only the employee only , employee/spouse only or not at all.

As for hospitalisation expenses, if your son is a Singaporean,you can buy a Healthshield plan from any of the main insurers here. There is a optional rider that you pay additional premium for,this rider will cover the initial deductible amount (Up to $3000 depending on the ward chosen) and also the co-insurance portion which is fixed at 10%.The basic play is payable by Medisave and the rider is payable by cash.

If you are not a singapore/singapore PR, you can also buy this plan from AIA as we are the only company that extends this plan to non citizens/PR.

You can PM if you are keen to know more?
Hi KayKay, may I ask how long you been with AIA?
Hi chery,

sorry for the late reply, been busy. I have been with AIA for the last two years, prior to that, 6 years with another company.


If you are looking into hospitalisation expenses coverage, the plans all more or less the same except that some companies offer certain additional benefits. Eg, Aviva offers free coverage for kids (Plan 2) up till age 21 if both parents are covered under plan 1 or 2.Capped at 4 kids.
So this offers a lot of savings in premiums.

For AIA, our plans has an additional $100,000 coverage for Critical illness and covers for living organ donor transplant.

Like what chery said, the products are the same for all agents in the same company so it really boils down to the agent...whether you are comfortable with him/her.

I'm just sharing my knowledge here...don't usually use this forum for sales purpose but if you need any info, can PM me.
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Personal Accident and Hospitalisation expenses you can have more coverage than any other aspect.
What children are prone to are accidents.
Make sure there is enough coverage in the aspect of Personal Accident for your kids.
For hospitalization, Great Eastern has As Charged plan to ALL private Hospital in Singapore.
You can PM me for more info about your concerns