Woman killed in crash after buying food to celebrate son's O-level results

Her son had been fretting about failing his O-level examinations, but he breezed through it and qualified for the course he had set his heart on.

On the way home from work the next day, the proud and happy mother bought sushi, one of the teen's favourite food, to celebrate his achievement.

Tragically, Ms Or Cheng Khim, 52, who wanted to surprise her son with the sushi, never made it home for the celebration on Tuesday last week.

The pre-school teacher's assistant was critically injured after she was hit by a lorry at the junction of Yuan Ching Road and Yung Kuang Road in Jurong, just a short distance from her block.

She was taken unconscious in an ambulance to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, where she died two days later.

Ms Or's son, Ng Song Ching, 17, told The New Paper at her wake yesterday: "When I realised my mother was late for dinner, I called her mobile phone. A doctor answered and told me that she was in the hospital. I was very shocked and scared."

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