Work at Your Own Pace Selling A Very Effective Herb BREAST ENHANCER


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Many Singaporeans would definitely want bigger breasts. You are on the right path by choosing Ainterol to get bigger breast with its line or Pueraria Mirifica herb. Just buy and sell at your own pace (no quota or joining fee) these high quality products that really works and won't disappoint you. As of now we have no local distributor in SG. All stocks come from the USA. Try and feel it yourself!

1 bottle= 100 capsules of Pueraria Mirifica (high quality- no roots or leaves added) 500mg =18.25

Pueraria Mirifica tuberPueraria Mirifica is being hailed as “The Fountain Of Youth” due to its anti aging and wrinkle combating properties. The word “Mirifica” literally means Miracle. Pueraria Mirifica has been used by the people of Thailand for over a hundred years with outstanding results and is now fast becoming know to the rest of the world for its incredible anti-aging benefits. It works wonders for women experiencing menopausal symptoms, for PMT, skin that looks smoother and younger, increases hair growth, shine and lustre as well as promoting simply stunning nails.

One of Pueraria mirifica's biggest benefits is that it has the ability to promote growth especially in the area of natural breast enhancement & enlargement. It is a great alternative for women who would rather avoid common cosmetic practices such as surgery. You can have rounder, fuller and firmer breasts naturally with a result that is permanent.