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Discussion in 'Baby Items' started by yann81, May 5, 2014.

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    PM if interest, TIA:wong19:

    2014-05-05 12.04.11.jpg 2014-05-05 12.04.56.jpg 2014-05-05 12.05.42.jpg 2014-05-05 12.06.49.jpg 2014-05-05 12.08.38.jpg pic20140505130039.jpg

    Item1&2 Cushion Support Condition 8/10 $20 Retail $45

    Item3 Munchkin Bottle Drying Rack Condition 8/10 $6 Retail 13

    Item4 Milk storage Bag 12pcs $5

    Item5 Tommy Tippee Bottles (150ml,260ml anti colic,340 ml) Brand-new $25 for all

    Item6 Korea Bosomi Pants Type Dryper (L size) Brand-new $12

    Item7 Medela calma breast milk feeding nipples brand new $10

    Item8 & 9 Drinking Bottles Used once $5each

    Item10 Sassy self feeding spoon 9/10 open but did not use $5

    Item11 Cleva mama brand new $5

    Item12 Sleeping light 8/10 $10 battery included

    Item13 Baby swimming pool 7/10 $30

    Item14 Baby Swimming pool 9/10 used once $50

    Item15 Play Skool toy brand new without box $20

    Item16 Fisher Price Elephant Shape Sorter brand new $10

    Item17 Fisher Price Chatter Telephone 9/10 $8

    Item18 Action triangle 9/10 $15

    Item19 BABYBJORN miracle 8/10 $90 Purchased price $299

    Item20 Tommy Tippee Thermometer Brand new $50

    (Self collection at Bedok/ Tpy, postage can be arrange for small item )

  2. yann81

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    SOLD_Item7 Medela calma breast milk feeding nipples brand new $10

    SOLD_Item17 Fisher Price Chatter Telephone 9/10 $8

  3. ZPF

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    Hi Yann81, is the shape sorter still available?
  4. yann81

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    Hi dear,yes is still ava :)
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  5. ZPF

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    My number is 96772131

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