Ways To Ease Colic


Parents may wonder what colic is all about. It can be described as the uncontrollable crying of a baby for hours with no known reason.

You may suspect your baby has it if the crying continues for several days. Colic tends to peak around 6 weeks then improves significantly between 3 and 4 months.

It is quite frustrating for both mommy and baby. Sad thing if mommy cannot bond well with baby because of this reason. Hopefully these tips will help to ease colic discomfort and bring back sanity to you.

1. Get anti colic remedy.
There are several brands in the market that offers relief of colic. It can be diluted in the milk or given directly to the baby. Whichever you choose, it all really depends on your luck to ease colicky baby. Seek a pediatrician for advice on this would be wise.

2. Offer the slowest flow of teat to avoid gulping milk.
For new moms, you may be surprised by the number of brands offer different shapes and sizes of teat. dont’t get distracted by the model it brings, but make sure your baby won’t gulp milk every feeding. You may need to try a few types before settle down to one.

3. Offer the milk in smaller amount frequently.
dont’t worry if your baby keeps asking for more milk. Give some time for the little tummy to digest the milk.

4. Change soiled diaper or cloth before feeding.
If you change diaper after feeding, you have to lift baby’s leg above her stomach that may encourage reflux that is something can cause colic.

5. Feed the baby in an upright position.
This is to encourage milk to begin exiting the stomach during the feed which helps to minimize colic.

6. Always try to burp the baby in the middle and after feeding.
By doing this, you can help baby burp the air up before they are collected too much that causes gas in the stomach.

7. Hold the baby in an upright position for about half an hour after feeding.
Well, you may be too tired to wait for that long after feed. But try as long as you can to avoid baby spitting up the milk.