Baby Homemade Food

Baby puree with bananas isolated on white

It is important to note that the first time baby eats a food, it is not combined with another new food in order to watch for any allergies, if not you would not know which food was the cause. All you need to prepare baby food at home is a blender or food processor and an ice cube tray to store for convenient portions.

Always cook vegetables or firm fruits unit soft enough to puree. Once it’s soft, pour off some of the water to puree it. Homemade baby food should have the consistency of applesauce until your baby is old enough to eat more textured food. Make your own baby food lets your baby try vegetables that you won’t always find in the market. Avocado is very healthy and doesn’t need to be cooked. Standbys like carrots, peas and yam are easy to homemade too.

Note that not all fruits have to be cooked first unless it is necessary to soften them. Firmer fruits such as apples and pears should be peeled and cooked first. Melons, mangoes, peaches, bananas and berries can be simple washed, diced and pureed without cooking. Fruits do not need to be sweetened and seldom need water.

Once your baby have the desired consistency, you can pour it into ice cube tray and freeze. Once frozen, the cubes can be removed and stored in a Ziploc bag in the freezer. Individual cubes can be heated in the microwave whenever needed.

It’s the most rewarding knowing that your baby is getting healthy, nutritional food and also you know what’s gone into it.

Ai Shan

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