Bath Time Free of Tears


One of the most blissful time for babies is bath time when the child gets to enjoy a warm bath brimming with bubbles.

Parents or caregivers usually enjoy the toddler’s bathing but many cases of concerned with them are seen especially complaining mother who is worried about her kid trying to climb out of the bath tub while she takes jiffy to reach out for shampoo. Yet other mothers find their kids turning petrified of having their hair washed. Some do show tears and tantrums and that includes my little princess. Since kids must get themselves dirty and parents or caregivers must have them clean up, bath time is inevitable. Well…In order to make this time fun rather then tears I’ve some points to share with you.

A key point to make bath time free of tears is to make sure that you have everything on reach. Do not leave things out of reach even if it’s only a couple of seconds to get for use. Your child is likely to make a quick getaway attempt in the brief time you take an item to hand. When it is time to wash their hair, always remember that toddlers are often afraid of water pouring on their head as they will get their eyes irritate with water and soap. It makes thing less painful for your baby if you brush the locks through before shampooing, use no tears shampoo and/or use hand held shower spray for extra control. Since nails are easiest to cut during bath time as they are soft then, it is the idea time to get your baby’s nail clipped.

Often your baby will drive for independence but in several cases, allowing them to take in control of the situation quells his/her fussiness. Let your baby help you rub with the shampoo or make bubbles in the bath, encourage them to clean his/her own face and take turns to finish things off. If you find your baby steadfastly resisting to brush his/her teeth, buy three different toothbrush and allow them to make their choice. Let them have their way. If the resistance continues, try to coax him/her into brushing their teeth by promising that they’ll get to brush yours afterward,

From then, you will get the cooperation from your baby and also have fun!

Ai Shan