JoshieMum: Mummy’s Little Helper


Many of us out there are working mummies and its often tempting to just leave the TV on to entertain our toddler while we scurry around to finish up the housework and to have some “me” time.

I am guilty of that and often use the TV, iPad or the iPhone to entertain my child when I want him to sit still.

Recently I have decided to put a stop to this practice. My boy in the initial weeks cannot understand why I refuse to turn on the TV when we reach home. I stood my stand and after 1 week, he has gotten used to the routine of having no TV once we reach home each day.

I involve him in the chores now, while I “magic clean” my floor, my little one says “me! me! help mummy!” While I prepare his meals. I involve him. I get a cookie cutter and let him cut shapes to his carrots, potatoes and slices of bread.

I get him occupied and get my chores done. Sure sounds like a good deal!

While it may seem like its all bliss, I do have to highlight that your child may not do everything the way you’d like. Like trying to mop the sofa with a wet and dirty mop or wanting to touch a pot on the stove to throw the carrots into the soup…. sometimes, it can be frustrating and may seem like he’s more trouble than help!

Try to look on the light side of things and enjoy your child’s curiosity and enthusiasm and you would realise that it is really alot of fun involving your child. It gives him a sense of accomplishment and mummies kill two birds with one stone.

I am still trying to be patient with my 2 year old especially after a hard day’s work and when the chores at home are mounting. But I am learning and taking baby steps to becoming a better parent.