My Lovely Lady Bumps

Close-up of pregnant woman meditating while sitting in lotus position

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved pretending to be pregnant by placing a cushion under my T-shirt and walked around with both my hands on my lower back. I also loved staring and stroking the tummy of a pregnant relative or friend. It is something about the stretched skin of a pregnant belly that I find very intriguing.

So it is no wonder that I am constantly showing off my baby bump – much to the annoyance of some people. But why should I hide something that I am extremely proud of? It is not like I would go around exposing half of my tummy for the whole world to see. I just simply love wearing tight but comfortable tops that would accentuate my curves and bump.

Pregnant ladies in the 60’s and 70’s wore outfits that hid their gorgeous baby bumps. But in this 21[SUP]st[/SUP] century, most women are proud of our pregnant bodies and that is the way it should be!

We have only nine months to enjoy this magnificent belly bulge.So enjoy it while you can. When else can one experience the kicks and bumps of our amazing little bundle of joy doing somersaults inside this intriguing pregnant belly.

I absolutely love watching how some female celebrities are so proud of their bodies during pregnancy. Their pregnancy glow is enhanced by the confidence they portray even after gaining 10 or 15 kilograms. I have yet to read about a celebrity who did not love showing off her baby bump.

That inspired me to keep on wearing my (stretchable) tank tops even during my first trimester, when most people mistook me for having a fat belly rather than being pregnant. But I did not mind that misunderstading because I knew in my heart that I was proud of the changes that were happening to my body.

I know of some friends and colleagues who are finding it hard to embrace the changes caused by the pregnancy hormones. They are frustrated because they are not able to fit into most of their clothes. So they would end up wearing oversized outfits that made them look frumpy.

Though maternity clothes can be quite costly, there are numerous cheaper fashion alternatives available. I bought numerous outfits that will fit me throughout my pregnancy and best of all, I can even wear it post-pregnancy.

So my dear pregnant mamas, embrace pregnancy and know in your hearts that you are beautiful naturally and even more so with that baby bump of yours. Pregnancy is a gift and we should feel blessed that we have been granted it.